The New Way We’ll Work

ADP Research Institute Study Sheds Light on How Employers Can Plan for the Future WorkplaceThe…

The Evolution of the Global Workforce

Technological advances and cultural changes have always driven the evolution of the global workforce, but…

Change Begins with Your Words

Communication is an essential skill in the work place. It harmonises a team, aligns leadership,…

Is your Company's Data Secure?

With data security, risk and privacy key to business contingency, it’s imperative you find the…

Fixing the enterprise app

The current disparity in software design is pretty funny when you think about it —…

3 Management Practices Technology Has (Almost) Taken Over

Research by McKinsey (1) indicates that few occupations or industries will be lost to automation – instead their analysts believe that artificial intelligence, sensors and algorithms will transform “activities”. This is a welcome shift for many of us, with 48% of employees feeling positively about the replacement of repetitive work with “automation, smart machines, and [artificial intelligence]”, […]

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A common HR & payroll outsourcing (BPO) mistake - Wrong perception of organisational change

The belief that HR outsourcing and outsourcing in general means job losses can limit an organisation’s willingness to consider it. However, BPO in the HR arena need not mean downsizing and outsourcing is not a synonym of cutting resources. Instead, it is the opportunity to help develop your people into HR experts by moving away […]

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4 tips to increase the business value of your HR communication

One of the greatest challenges faced by HR executives is keeping employees engaged. The top tactic for meeting that challenge is creating a culture where trust, open communication and fairness are emphasised and demonstrated by leaders, according to recent research by the Society for Human Resource Management (1). Managing HR communication effectively to achieve this can […]

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Why L&D strategy is critical to recruitment, retention and engagement – and 3 trends to consider

Adopting learning and development (L&D) technology can, at times, take a backseat as HR leadership focus on recruitment, retention and engagement. Today’s talent are however increasingly concerned about skill development in a rapidly-changing workplace – and having a strategy to help them achieve this goal, can significantly increase your success in all three of the […]

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Employee Happiness: How Much Does Unhappiness Cost?

  Lost productivity due to the poor state of employee happiness costs American enterprises billions of dollars: Three hundred billion, to be exact, according to the Gallup-Healthways (1) Well-Being Index. That study details how increasingly unhappy people are with their jobs, managers, co-workers, and work environments. It also reveals that employee unhappiness results in absenteeism, presentism (at work, but […]

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