Onboarding Expectations: The New Hire View

Posted by: samantha on 18 January 2017 in Human Capital Management

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Business and HR Leaders need to make sure their organisation is doing enough to fulfil their new employees' onboarding expectations. This should start before the employee even steps foot in the door on day one, providing them with an advance view of company policies, information about the team they are joining, the ability to get started on new hire paperwork, and even something as simple as assigning a lunch buddy to each new employee. These steps can greatly contribute to a new hire's sense of comfort and connection with their new organisation. But with resources focused on ensuring all of these boxes are checked, sometimes the simplest of new hire questions is often overlooked:"Let's say you go on your tour. You meet the people. You're told you'll be sitting here. What's the next question that comes to mind? What do…

Collaboration Across Locations: A Guide for Business and HR Leaders

Posted by: samantha on 4 January 2017 in Multinational & Globalization

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Effective collaboration across locations is one of the biggest cultural and technological challenges facing business and HR leaders today. Globalisation, talent mobility, outsourcing and the rise of factors like remote work and the freelancing economy are reshaping the work environment.As large organisations have started to look globally to recruit the best talent, creating a unified workforce remains a top priority. According to ADP Research Institute's® Evolution of Work (1) report, those businesses most likely to adopt the new technologies and trends needed to achieve that goal are multinationals. But certainly that will change as businesses of all size see value. The Aberdeen Group (2) has already found that organisations are most likely to recruit, onboard, retain and grow top talent successfully when they support each stage of the process with the right technology.So how can you determine what types of technology to implement in…

4 tips to boost recruitment and retention in tight labour markets

Posted by: samantha on 28 December 2016 in Human Capital Management

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47% of respondents in a recent Australian Human Resources Institute survey (1) believe turnover in their workplace is too high – and a ManpowerGroup reports (2) that recruitment is a difficulty for over a third of all employers.HR leaders in search of talent know that hiring in tight labour markets is anything but easy, and recruitment challenges become more pronounced for positions requiring higher levels of skill. As the Harvard Business Review (3) reports, the "skills gap" is real and growing, especially as job markets continue to constrict. The impact of this talent gap on organisations is clear, decreasing their capacity to serve customers, develop innovations and maintain levels of productivity.So how should HR leaders respond to a climate in which talent is increasingly scarce and expensive?Here are four suggestions:1. Retain the Talent You Already HaveStart by identifying the key talent you already have…

New Year brings new Superannuation Caps, Contributions & Offsets

Posted by: samantha on 21 December 2016 in Compliance, Payroll

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The Australian Governments superannuation reform package which was passed through Parliament just a few weeks ago includes many important changes in 2017 impacting employees and HR/payroll teams.1.6 billion transfer balance capThe transfer balance cap of $1.6million will apply to the amount of money that a member of a fund can transfer from their accumulation balance to the tax-free pension or retirement balance.Any accumulation balance over and above $1.6million can remain in an accumulation account or outside of superannuation.It should be noted however that once the $1.6million has been transferred in retirement phase that there is no cap on the subsequent earnings on that balance.A six month transition period will be afforded to people who are already retired and with balances below $1.7million as at 30 June 2017, allowing them to bring their retirement balance below the $1.6million cap and avoid…

Santa delivers a 32.5% to 15% tax cut for Working Holiday Makers

Posted by: samantha on 15 December 2016 in Compliance

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The Income Tax Rates Amendment (Working Holiday Maker Reform) Bill 2016 was passed a few days ago, giving many working holiday makers an early Christmas present – a tax cut from 32.5% to 15%!If you are an employer impacted by this change please visit the ATO website to get more information and the relevant ATO registration form. With the new tax rate applying from 1 January 2017, it’s important to act quickly to make sure that your payroll team has the tax changes ready to kick-in by the deadline.The change mostly impacts participants in the Government’s ‘Working Holiday Maker Program’. Thousands of young adults from eligible partner countries take advantage of the program to engage in short-term employment to support themselves while they holiday in Australia. In recent years, this arrangement has become an important part of Australia’s $43.4 billion…