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Matt Goss

Concur Managing Director

Matthew Goss became Managing Director in 2013. He joined Concur in 2002 where he has held a number of senior management positions including Country Manager, Concur Philippines and Vice President, Client Services Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Concur, Mr Goss held senior consulting positions with Captura Asia Pacific and Acumen…

Angela Lehmann

Legislation Manager

Angela Lehmann is the Legislation Manager (Payroll & Tax) at ADP. She is a payroll and tax specialist with over 11 years experience obtained in both Chartered and Public Service environments.  As a specialist in employment taxes which include Fringe Benefits, PAYG Withholding, Superannuation and Payroll Tax, Angela is passionate about…

David Bates

Managing Director, Workforce Guardian

David is the Managing Director of Workforce Guardian, Australia's leading HR and employment relations service for employers. David is proud to provide a wide range of strategic, practical and plain-English employment relations advice and support to Australian business owners and operators. He is deeply committed to assisting employers and is…

Christine Sauvaget

ADP Content Marketing and Communications Director

Passionate about all topics relating to Human Capital Management, Christine Sauvaget has joined ADP as International Content Marketing and Communications Director in 2015. In her mission, Christine collaborates closely with Market Intelligence, ADP Research Institute, Product Marketing across the organization and the global HCM ecosystem at large to develop Thought Leadership…

Todd Horvath

ADP Multinational Clients President

Todd Horvath is the President, Multinational Clients (MNC) and has responsibility for leading a global team providing Human Capital Management (HCM) expertise to clients in more than 100 countries. Immediately prior, Todd Horvath was the Vice President / General Manager of ADP GlobalView Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this position,…