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Managing time pressures faced by HR professionals

Posted by: on 20 May 2015 in Human Capital Management

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May 20 – by ADP Insider 

HR departments can be overwhelmed with the ever-changing responsibilities that come with people management, but organising your business strategy to outsource certain tasks can hugely benefit them, and ease the daily time pressures they face.

Some of the most common time pressures put on HR teams arise from:

Payroll services

The complex, administrative and non-core nature of payroll lends itself to outsourcing, and by doing so, companies improve their HR performance to focus on other management functions such as people management, performance and retaining talent.

There are a range of payroll solutions available to streamline your payroll process, ensuring needs are always met on time, whilst simultaneously improving productivity and simplifying administration.

An external provider can help consolidate your payroll tasks and cover everything from security and legislative changes to tax calculations and offering you key business insights.

Training and development

The larger your workforce, the more time pressure is put on your HR team to manage their training and development needs. Individual employees should be encouraged to develop their training objectives and seek suitable training opportunities but an automated service can also help with this.

Automating the training responsibilities within an HR professional’s role will make for a far smoother, paperless and time-efficient process. Employees will be able to facilitate their own personal career development, waitlist for training courses, update course attendance and view their training schedules and history.


According to ManPowerGroup’s annual global Talent Shortage Survey, 41 per cent of Australian employers have reported difficulties in filling jobsWith it costing $100,000 to an Australian business when an employee leaves – taking in finding, recruiting and upskilling new talent costs – recruiting and retaining talent is key.

With 45% of workers looking to move to another role in the next 12 months (as detailed in the Insync Surveys and RedBalloon Dream Employers Survey), HR departments are constantly on the lookout for new employees as well as focusing on retaining existing talent.

Many employers report an oversupply of labour and an undersupply of the right talent and skills to deliver on key business objectives, which is why experts in the recruitment industry are often employed for scouring new talent instead of it falling on the shoulders of internal HR departments.

ManPowerGroup’s survey revealed that 54 per cent of Australian employers say that skill shortages have reduced their ability to serve their clients, but surprisingly, one in five Australian employers aren’t pursuing any strategies to address these challenges.

Updating job descriptions, organising the advertising for roles, sifting through a huge number of applications and CVs, shortlisting applicants and attending numerous interviews to find the right candidate can put a huge time pressure on HR professionals, which is precisely why seeking an expert in the recruitment industry is worth the money, as it’ll save your HR team and your company the time needed to focus on your business objectives.

Day-to-day people management issues and staying up to date with changing regulations and policies already puts huge time commitments on HR departments so the more you can do to support your HR teams and outsource where appropriate, the more efficient and successful your business will be.


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