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30 Shades of Grey: Finding the power within

Posted by: The ADP Team on 12 October 2016 in Human Capital Management, Human Resources, Payroll

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Firstly this isn’t a discussion about that book/movie – but stay with me and you’ll have something worth considering!

According to Australian Popular Science Magazine, humans can typically differentiate between 30 shades of grey! And as I recently discovered, this little fact complicates the selection of grey silk bridesmaid dresses – a task I naively assumed could be accomplished in a few hours!

As a lover of fashion, I’m pretty clued on when it comes to colours. Yet after looking through a staggering selection of greys with my bride-to-be daughter, I started thinking that I might be colour blind. Roll after roll of unfurled grey silk failed to meet my daughter’s expectations and her stress levels started to climb.

Anyone who’s been bridal shopping (if you haven’t, there’s a reality TV show dedicated to this!) knows that at this stage, the worst thing you can do is to succumb to the temptation to suggest that this issue is minor, or trivial. Even if your intention is noble, designed just to put things into perspective and reduce the stress – don’t do it, or you will become persona non grata!

I instead did these three things to boost my daughter’s resilience and help us both survive the stress!

1. Get moving. We took a break from the grey and went for a short stroll around the block. Exercise benefits our health and studies also show that it reduces mental tension and builds resilience. It doesn’t need to be a power session at the gym – even gentle movement/mediation can help you gather your thoughts and improve your ability to successfully manage a stressful situation.

2. Call in the reinforcements. I tried to ease the tension with a few words of wisdom and some humour. Resilient people generally have a strong network of trusted friends and colleagues they turn to for needed support. And if you hate asking for favours remember, if you’re happy to give help, you should be happy to ask for help when it’s required.

3. Challenge the status quo. We looked at every option we had. Rather than just sticking to the usual approach, take a few minutes to examine the situation and understand possible solutions from all angles. This gives you better control and a sense of empowerment which boosts your resilience.

It’s impossible to avoid stress and annoyingly so because it reduces your effectiveness – just when you need to be at 100%. These three tips help boost your resilience at work and beyond, so that you spring back before you lose control to stress.

And if you need more motivation here’s one of my favourite quotes – it’s a good one to ponder as you work towards building a more resilient you!

“Once you are certain about yourself, external threats don’t exist anymore, because threat is the same as fear, and knowing who you are is a fearless state.”

Dr Deepak Chopra, internationally published author

PS. In case you’re wondering the right shade of grey silk is being specially made. That’s a great outcome right? No! The manufacturer is several thousand kilometres away and delivery dates can’t be assured – adding a new item on my daughter’s list of major stresses before her big day! We’re signing up for yoga.


Written by: Sue Sterjovski, Managed Services Manager


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