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Is your Company’s Data Secure?

Posted by: on 21 April 2015 in Innovation and Technology

With data security, risk and privacy key to business contingency, it’s imperative you find the tools, technologies and safeguards to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your company’s information.

Without securing this valuable data, the very essence of your business is at risk. For example, what if confidential customer information and credit card details were accessed? What if your private business and financial forecasting information were made public? Or what if crucial product information, designs and plans were suddenly made available for everyone, including your competitors, to see?

Security management safeguards and systems are available through a range of third party suppliers; the provision is a must to help protect your company’s personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or alteration. From login credentials and bank or credit card information, to employee contact details and sensitive information, you want to do all you can to minimise risk and protect your company’s privacy.

Bear in mind the following data security best practices:

Security bulletins
Keep abreast of the latest security suggestions and bulletins issued by Australian government agencies and other corporations.

Protect yourself against phishing 
Issues via electronic communication are a serious threat to your private data, so have processes in place against phishing.

Security alerts 
Use an external security provider to maintain information for you on all security, phishing, spoof, email, spam, scan and fraud alerts.

Train your staff 
Update and remind your staff on policies, standards and best practices for security protection and awareness.

Regularly review security measures 
Resources and tools in the data protection sphere are always evolving – ensure you stay on top of new processes to keep your data safe.

Align with experts 
Source an experienced and professional third party provider to manage your company’s sensitive information.

Written by: The ADP@Work Team


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