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Mobile only, global only

Posted by: ADP on 1 December 2015 in Innovation and Technology

These days job seekers are in coffee shops, at airports, and wherever life takes them, clicking link after link on their mobile devices. The growing impact of mobile technology on a candidate’s job search is changing the landscape of how people interact with employers.

In the war for talent, we must think mobile only, global only.

The youngest job seekers in today’s workforce are a generation that has never worked without this technology. They haven’t even lived in a world without mobile devices.

According to a study conducted in December 2014 by Indeed, the online jobs board, mobile is preferred by the vast majority of job seekers. Nearly 75% of Generation Y (aged 21-30) and over 70% of GenXers’ (aged 31-50) clicks on Indeed come from mobile devices. For Baby Boomers (aged 51-70), desktop searches are still the preferred form of job searching, yet a growing number (48%) also use mobile.

So, in essence, two-thirds of job seekers utilize mobile nearly 75% of the time in their search for a new job and the remaining one-third, the generation closest to retirement, is using mobile about half the time.

For successful talent acquisition, it’s imperative to mobilise and globalise your employer brand. Develop a strategy that engages potential candidates where they want to meet you, with the right message, at the right time.

When developing your strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this information translate and connect with global audiences?

  • Will candidates be able to read it on their mobile devices?

  • Are we using simple, effective messaging and images?

The growing mobility of job seekers creates challenges for many. What are you doing to mobilise and globalise your recruiting strategy?

Jenny DeVaughn


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