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Personal/Carer’s Leave and Annual Leave: Little Mistakes = Big Trouble!

Posted by: on 1 March 2016 in Compliance, Finance

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The Workforce Guardian from ADP webinar series is back for another year, and this time around we’re kicking off with an in-depth look at your personal/carer’s leave and annual leave entitlements and obligations.

Too many employers – especially those running small and medium-sized businesses – make relatively minor mistakes that lead to some major problems.

Take ‘cashing-out’ of annual leave for example. Does the current law allow you to cash-out any portion of an employee’s accrued annual leave? Most employers assume it does, subject to certain rules. However, the first thing which must be considered is whether or not the employee in question is covered by a ‘Modern Award’.

If they are, annual leave can only be cashed-out if the Award expressly allows this occur. If it doesn’t, cashing-out annual leave will amount to a breach of the Fair Work Act 2009 and penalties can be imposed. This remains the case even if the employee requested the cashing-out and/or agreed to it in writing.

The above scenario is just one example of the ‘minor’ mistakes employers make which can result in maximum penalties of up to $54,000.

In our upcoming webinar on 7 March, we’ll look more closely at both annual leave and personal/carer’s leave and explore:

  • How these forms of leave accrue
  • When and how entitlements can be ‘cashed-out’
  • Who is eligible to access these entitlements
  • The implications of providing leave in advance of accrual, and
  • The tax implications associated with leave

At the end if this webinar you’ll have a clear understanding of your employer-related obligations when it comes to these common forms of leave. To register, simply click here:

We hope you can join us!

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