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The Evolution of the Global Workforce

Posted by: on 11 May 2016 in Human Capital Management

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Technological advances and cultural changes have always driven the evolution of the global workforce, but now an even faster-paced transformation is underway. The rapid adoption of high-tech solutions delivering new insights – combined with increased global competition, real-time communication and a highly-mobile talent pool – is leading to significant changes in the way people live and work around the world.

For business leaders who are responsible for leading modern work environments, many big questions remain top of mind: How are these trends changing the expectations of employees? How can organizations keep up with the shifting landscape to stay ahead of the curve?

The ADP Research Institute has spent the past year taking an extensive, in-depth look at changing dynamics in the global workforce. The Evolution of Work study explores these dynamics. Learn more about the study and download the full report by clicking here.

Specifically the study uncovers: 

  • The five overarching needs that people of the world relate to, regardless of geography – Freedom, Knowledge, Self-Management, Stability and Meaning – and what they mean for employers
  • How the changing workplace is perceived
  • The greater need for individuals to adapt to different roles to demonstrate value
  • The desire for employees to feel connected to meaningful and impactful work
  • The benefits — and risks — of increased automation

The study incorporates diverse perspectives spanning geographies, job level, company size and more. 

Today, our modern work environments stand in stark contrast to the times when work took place in set hours at a common location. Employees exercise more control and autonomy over their workplace destinies, largely deciding how, when and where they work. Career paths are less linear. HR departments struggle to ensure global teams remain truly connected. And individuals are demanding meaning in their work, in addition to financial security.

Our researchers connected with more than 2,000 individuals across 13 countries – including emerging markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific – to deeply understand how different regions will react to and/or lead the charge for change.

We polled:

  • Millennials and senior-level executives to gain insights as to how human needs manifest differently depending on a person’s career tenure or position
  • Employees in large and small companies to determine how size impacts the emergence and evolution of trends
  • White collar and non-white collar workers to uncover how trends and individual needs differ depending on the type of work a person does

The study found that as employee needs evolve, employers need to consider ways to adapt.   The Evolution of Work will focus on what employees need in the new labor market – and what employers need to do to stay competitive in this rapidly-changing environment.

Click here to download the full report

Written by: The Connect@ADP team


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